MaternaLIFT High Performance Back and Pelvic Maternity Support, No Belt over the Belly,White-Medium

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$ 90


Brand: MaternaLIFT

Color: White


  • ONE OF A KIND – MaternaLIFT is the only high performance maternity support with no strap tension focused over your hyper-sensitive underbelly zone.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE – Designed by an obstetric physical therapy specialist, MaternaLIFT utilizes a patented support system to help support your upright posture and relieve stress on your low back, pelvis, hips, and legs.
  • MORE COMFORTABLE – By providing support without direct strap tension under your belly, most women find MaternaLIFT more comfortable to wear than traditional maternity belts during activities of daily living. This includes activities such as sitting (computer work), lifting and handling small children, running errands, and house cleaning.
  • MORE FUNCTIONAL – Made out of 86% nylon and 14% spandex with extra stretch capabilities over the belly and breast zones, MaternaLIFT expands with your body as you progress through your pregnancy. With its crotchless design, your underwear is worn over the garment to allow for easy restroom use.
  • MAY BE COVERED BY INSURANCE – MaternaLIFT is considered “durable medical equipment” by many insurance carriers. You may be able to seek re-imbursement for your purchase through your health insurer. Check with your insurance company for your specific coverage details.

Package Dimensions: 51x208x318

Details: Maternity support bodysuit designed by an Obstetric Physical Therapist. MaternaLIFT has a patented support system that helps your pelvis rotate back into its natural upright position without strap tension over the belly.


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